Gantner revolutionises how organisations operate through enhanced solutions that ensure seamless experiences.


Gantner is a leading global systems solutions provider, part of the SALTO WECOSYSTEM.

Salto WECOsystem - Gantner

Salto leads the digital transformation of access and identity management through ground breaking technologies and thoughtful solutions.


Salto is a leading global access solutions provider, part of the SALTO WECOSYSTEM.

Salto WECOsystem - Salto

Vintia elevates ticketing and booking experiences for the leisure and attractions industry through innovative solutions.


Vintia is a leading experience solutions provider, part of the SALTO WECOSYSTEM.

Salto WECOsystem - Vintia

Inspired Access

Our WeConnectors inspire our way

Proximity to people

We go further to understand how we can improve peoples' daily lives with smarter access solutions.

Passion for innovation

We exceed expectations. Our shared passion drives us to go beyond the status quo.

Connection to each other

We work as a one team. Together, we design solutions that benefit people and planet.

Agility in thinking

We empower out of the box thinking. By embrancing new challenges openly, we inspire inventive solutions.

Integrity in every step

We are uncompromising. Our commitment to creating positive impact pushes us to work with honesty and efficiency.

About us

SALTO WECOSYSTEM is more than a group of companies and individuals.

We’re a community born out of a common goal: empowering access, in every sense - access to places, experiences and opportunities.

Our expert global teams collaborate closely, driven by a dynamic spirit and a shared passion that mean every part of our WECOSYSTEM is fully connected.

Each of our companies embrace the latest technologies and prioritizes the open exchange of ideas to unlock new ways of working - So we can keep pushing, keep innovating and keep delivering solutions that enable people to access more together.

We believe that our industry still has a long way to go, and we want to have an active role in the exciting journey ahead.

That’s why SALTO WECOSYSTEM’s vision is built on creating real impact in everyday lives. Be that through caring for people and planet with a more sustainable mindset, creating a seamlessly interconnected world for more people, or creating a platform for innovations that will empower access for generations to come.